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"Thoughts in a fat buddha glass"


  In Egypt, and even in Arabia, smoking is the most popular way of life and the most popular folk culture.High officials, ordinary people, men and women, everyone can touch, but see more grass roots in the street.

  Through the filtration of water, the taste of smoke seems to be more pure.The famous hookah hall is in the glass bong.The Egyptian tobacco is very unique.First cut up tobacco leaves with honey, then add a variety of fruit flavors such as apple, pineapple, strawberry, pear and peach, and then ferment.In this way, there will be a variety of fruit fragrance, not only attracted a large number of male smokers, female smokers also like it very much.

  Kettle shape is beautiful not only, and it is a kind of beautiful household handicraft.Smoking a hookah in a beautiful kettle, like drinking wine and tea, is irresistible.

  Allah seems to love Egypt in particular, giving it enough leisure to let people soak in the smoke of the water, drink coffee, drink black tea, talk about the mountains, and enjoy life leisurely, day and night.

  glass bong seem to be more vibrant than any other industry in Egypt.Look, the streets of Cairo are full of people large and small.Of course, there are more nights than days, especially during Ramadan, which can be described as a city, bustling and unique to Egypt.

  When night falls, the hookah hall becomes a lively place.Those who came alone to the hookah hall came in twos and threes, or five, six, six, seven, eight, one after the other.

  Some were surrounded by hookah tables, some were sitting on the leather docks, some were just sitting on the carpeted floor.The waiter had brought kettles, some of which contained several cigarette butts, and several people had gathered round them at the same time to smoke.Suddenly, smoke filled the chamber.While pumping, smoking, chatting, enjoying each other's leisurely conversation, the atmosphere did not mention how good it was.

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  In the streets and alleys of Cairo, there are various hookah kiosks.

  The people who enter the hookah hall have three classes and nine streams. They are all ordinary people, ordinary citizens, fashionable boys and girls, college and high school students, or people of high society."Therefore, the hookah museum is also divided into three, six, nine and nine.There are simple and affordable, creative and emotional, but also elegant warm and comfortable environment.Near our official xinhua residence in the Middle East, there are three different types of hookah kiosks.

  Describing the scene, an Arab novelist wrote: "between the clouds, the water lovers are drunk, and the classic time seems to have returned to the distant past.

  Today, in Egypt, hookah kiosks are becoming more widespread.It could be a coffee shop, a tea house, a fast food restaurant, a juice bar or something else.Drink coffee, black tea, juice or other beverages while smoking a hookah.

  No wonder some say that the Arab intellectuals' ideas are in their glass bong.