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Does glass bong king trigger the smoke detector?


  Does glass bong king trigger the smoke detector? When Southwest Airlines flight 3654 took off from Florida, there was nothing unusual except a smoker. "During the voyage, the passenger finally indulged in smoking, so he sneaked into the bathroom to smoke Glassbone Supplier. However, not long after, all passengers including him were badly hit-the fire broke out and the plane crash landing. Whether glass bong supplier can trigger ordinary smoke detection, some people think glass bong supplier does not trigger smoke detectors, so some people abroad have done experiments: ".

  Will glass bong king trigger the smoke detector?

  Well, the situation in the movie is a bit extreme. In the above example, Tom, he sprayed smoke directly at the smoke detector.

  Tom and I usually smoke glass bong supplier in the office, but even if I compete with our bartender with aspireCFSubOhm battery, I won't trigger the smoke detector until I spray it directly into the detector.

  According to the smoke detector produced by StDavidsFire, the smoke emitted by glass bong supplier will not trigger the modern smoke detector. Its design aim is to avoid "misjudgment" as much as possible. However, if you smoke indoors or even on a plane, you still have a chance to trigger a smoke detector, especially when you smoke a lot.

  Also please be sure not to smoke on the plane, because it will be very serious in the end. Just like the passenger who damaged the plane due to smoking, he was finally forced to spend the night in Qatar prison.

  What kind of smoke detector does glass bong king easily trigger?

  Ionization (ionization): Sensitive to fine smoke particles. There are two charged radiation plates inside. When smoke particles enter the detector, the smoke particles will destroy the electricity between the two plates, thus triggering the smoke detector. The detector we used in the experiment is ionized.

  The main body of optical fiber (light alarm): The optical fiber smoke detector is an infrared beam. When the smoke particles enter the detector, the smoke particles make the infrared rays sparse, thus triggering the detector.

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  Heat (heat alarm): Kitchens are common. This kind of smoke monitor seems to be the least likely to be triggered by the smoke from glass bong supplier, after all, they detect temperature rather than particles.

  When we consulted the rescue service of South Wales Fire Department, they told us that optical smoke detectors should be the most easily triggered by glass bong king, although our experimental experience tells us that ionization smoke detectors will also be triggered.

  How likely is your glassbond supplier to trigger the smoke detector?

  Fortunately, the news that glass bong supplier triggered the smoke sensor is unusual. Smoke detectors detect smoke particles (tiny solids produced by incineration substances), while glass bong king's "smoke" is "fog/steam" composed of steam (composed of gas and tiny liquid objects). In addition, steam fog (steam) dissipates faster than smoke particles.

  However, at present, we believe that the PG and essence contained in the smoke are the reasons why the glass bong king particles are larger than the water vapor particles emitted from the hot kettle. According to an experiment by the OhioUniversity smoke generator, a smoke generator containing propylene glycol also triggers a smoke detector.

  Therefore, although it seems unlikely that an ordinary smoke detector will be triggered by glass bong king, it is still possible.