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What price glass bong water pipes can cultivate consumers' usage habits?

  What price glass bong water pipes can cultivate consumers' usage habits? Compared with the past, as long as it's not the low-end glass bone water pipes, the experience is also good! In particular, the current high-power Glass bone Water Pipes are generally mature in technology, do not have the smell of burning, have a large smoke flavor, and most of them taste good. Why do so many people still not accept Glass bone Water Pipes?

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  Some of my family and friends all know the glass bong water pipes I made. when I played together, they saw me smoking glass bong water pipes and felt very advanced. they would ask me to send him glass bong water pipes. "In order to attract his attention, before I send it out, I will introduce some Glass bone Water Pipes and say that this type of Glass bone Water Pipes is very expensive to sell abroad. If converted into RMB, it will cost several thousand yuan! As soon as they heard the news, they began to think glass bong water pipes were great. Just like they were babies, they were very excited to smoke, but they stopped for a while, threw them aside, or continued smoking. They thought smoking was very interesting! I even ignored glass bone water pipes!

  When I went to my friend's house, I saw the dusty glass bong water pipes discarded in the corner. its heart was cool! At first I thought it was a difficult problem to smoke, then I used other manufacturers to improve the smoke, which is good smoking, or you can see this phenomenon! I'm thinking that my friend's attitude towards Glass bone Water Pipes is very representative in the whole country and is by no means a case in point. So how do smokers accept glass bong water pipes more?

  Now people are opening physical stores across the board. Setting up physical stores involves fixed costs such as rent, water and electricity, labor, etc. If the customer acceptance rate and return rate are low, the publicity cost will be very high. How to make money? It's hard to make money!

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  Recently, in a chat with the owner of glass bone water pipes, he talked about consumer reviews and stickiness. At present, Zhuang nationality has set up physical stores in 16 cities in Xinjiang, inner Mongolia, Shandong, Henan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Liaoning and other provinces, and has some unique views on consumers! We had in-depth communication.

  Zhuang said: "After selling glass bong water pipes for such a long time, I found that the quality is relatively high. The main price is between glass bong water pipes in 1000 yuan, 500 yuan, and the viscosity of users is relatively good. The proportion of tobacco oil consumed by repeat stores is over 60%, or even higher. About 40% of the 300≤500 yuan range, the customer recovery rate is less than 10% lower than that of 300 yuan.

  General Manager Zhuang said: "The price of our glass bong water pipes is generally between 500 yuan and 800 yuan." According to the sales data of our glass bone water pipes house, the recovery rate can reach more than 60%. if you sell for tens of dollars, there is almost no return rate, and a return rate of several percentage points can be achieved for one or two hundred dollars. The price of Glass bone Water Pipes in our store is generally 500 yuan -800 yuan. "According to the sales data of electronic cigarette factories, the recovery rate can reach more than 60%. glass bong water pipes selling below 300 yuan can hardly cultivate the stickiness of consumers!

  I have heard a shopkeeper say this before. The owner of the physical store said that he was selling high-priced glass bong water pipes instead of low-priced glass bong water pipes. Asked why, he explained the reason for the quality of the product, saying that the product was good in quality, generally low in price, but poor in experience and would kill customers! Experience good products, the price is generally high, the aftertaste rate is also high! At first, I thought the reason was in this aspect, but later I found that whether the rate of return was high or low was a variety of reasons, not just the product reason! The products, prices, services and convenience of purchase are all related to this!

  Boss Zhuang said that the relationship between price and habit formation. Accepting glass bone waterpipes takes a process, "he said. When you start smoking, because it is different from cigarettes, it cannot receive glass bone water pipes at a time. The price is too low, I am not satisfied after smoking. I will not pay attention to it. If I stay in one place, I will not smoke. The price is very high, if you don't smoke, you will feel sorry, don't want to throw it away, and generally you will keep it! It takes 18 days to form a habit, for more than 18 consecutive days, and you will accept glass bone water pipes! " .

  Facts have proved that this price still has this effect! I have read similar books before about forming habits. It takes 21 days to form a habit! The study found that 95% of the people formed the habit of 18 to 254 days.