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What are the sales channels of domestic glassbone wholesale Canada?

  What is the sales channel of domestic glass bone whole sale Canada? Three years ago, when talking about the sales channels of domestic glass bone whole sale Canada, they were relatively simple, mainly online and offline physical stores. Although sales from other channels have also declined, their proportion is relatively low, and most of them can be ignored.

  Glass bong whole sale canada sales channel

  With the popularity of glass bong whole sale canada and the high cost of the Internet, some enterprises mentioned that the cost of obtaining customers for glass bong whole sale canada users in Jingdong and Tmall has reached nearly 50 yuan, "the cost of receiving customers offline is only above 10 yuan per person." The superposition of various factors has become the offline main battlefield. Various channels that could be neglected in the past have also become important channels.

  Statistics show that there are more than ten channels.

  1. Convenience stores: When smoking was popular in the past, convenience stores did not sell through proper channels. Glass bone Whole sale Canada, especially disposable cigarettes, is very popular, and convenience stores are now the core channel offline. All kinds of grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores have naturally become places that many Glass bone Whole sale Canada must compete for, and many brands have been seen shopping in these channels.

  2。 Physical stores: For the popularity of Glass bone Whole sale Canada, Glass bone Whole sale Canada's physical stores contributed channels. Before the peak, there were more than 2,000, mainly family shops, with more street shops, mainly concentrated in first-tier and second-tier cities. After the popularity of small cigarettes, many cigarettes went out of business. Now, one transformation after another, shopping centers have become the mainstay. Many brands have opened shopping center clinics in many cities across the country, and even solicited agents to open stores through three free policies (free license fee, free decoration and free deposit).

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  3. E-commerce platform: following the rise of Glass bone Whole sale Canada in China in 2013, e-commerce platform has become an important sales channel for Glass bone Whole sale Canada. At present, the sales of e-commerce platforms account for nearly 30% of the sales of many brands, and are also important positions for launching new products, not only Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, pinduoduo, but also other new e-commerce platforms.

  4. Music Festival: At first, I could not imagine that the music festival would be linked with Glass bone Whole sale Canada. Now it has become very important. The festival is favored by many Glass bong Whole sale Canada brands because of its user characteristics, free publicity, boldness and impudence. This year, major brands are naming, sponsoring music festivals and brand marketing.

  5. Internet cafes: Internet cafes are rare, and places to swallow can be seen in public places, especially in the third, fourth and fifth-tier cities. Many Internet cafes, day and night, cigarettes and cigarettes are best sellers, so the choice of Internet cafes is still very accurate.

  6. Gas Stations: Generally speaking, large gas stations are equipped with convenience stores. In the past two years, I have seen many brands at gas stations.

  7.KTV nightclub: This is also a channel that cannot be ignored. The fashion and trend of Glass bong Whole sale Canada matches the crowd of KTV and nightclubs very well, and many brands have been developed. But it also faces persistent problems.

  8. WeChat enterprises: At present, WeChat enterprises do not have many forms of distribution, most of which are still commodities picked up by traditional provincial, municipal and dealers. In 2015, after a period of fire, the best thing to do is not annoying. However, it has always been suspected of engaging in pyramid sales and has a bad reputation. Now, the merchants have also found some friends in the circle and heard that some companies have also made a lot of money by doing so. "-

  9. Restaurants: Some brands turn a blind eye to restaurants, but the proportion of restaurants selling alcohol and tobacco is very high. Even the Lanzhou Lamian Noodles store in Sha County is the most crowded.

  10。 Vending machine: Smoking is a strict demand, and the frequency of smoking glass bong whole sale canada is also very high. Many people borrow cigarettes in the office, look for cigarettes at home, etc. If there is a vending machine, I believe it will meet many needs. However, our country's Glass bone Whole sale Canada is still in the popularization stage at present, and many people do not know about Glass bone Whole sale Canada yet. Therefore, vending machines are a trend, but they are not sold much at present. With the popularity of glass bone whole sale Canada, glass bone whole sale Canada should become an important channel.

  11. Mother and Child Store: At present, this is a channel that has not attracted attention. "It's hard to imagine that Glass bone Whole sale Canada has become a popular product in baby shops." Qiu Yiwu, a whale lamp, said that when customers see glass bong whole sale canada, they will first consider buying cigarettes for people who smoke at home to minimize the harm of cigarettes to their families, especially infants and pregnant women.

  Of course, this is not all the sales channels on and outside Glass bong Whole sale Canada. Now, in the blooming stage of various new channels, welcome the messages and announcements of new channels that have not been included in the above.