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A passenger stole a water bongs in the cabin and is cooperating with the police to deal with it.

  A passenger on Shanghai Airlines Flight FM 9235 "water pipes for smoking" caught the attention of netizens. The reporter of learned from Shanghai Airlines that the aviation department is actively verifying the situation and cooperating with the police to investigate and deal with it according to law. Let's see how it is.

  A passenger stole a waterbonds in the cabin.

  It is understood that the flight was Shanghai Airlines FM 9235, which took off from Urumqi Airport at 12: 42 on August 2 and arrived at Karamay Airport at 13: 22. According to a video provided by netizens, passengers were sitting by the cabin window, silently sucking on water bongs. In the video, the smoke caused by passengers water pipes for smoking is very obvious. According to the cabin broadcast at that time, the plane was already in a descending phase.

  In this regard, a reporter from called Shanghai Airlines. Shanghai Airlines said it was worried that some netizens reported that a passenger sucked water bongs during the fall of flight 1 on August 2. The company is actively verifying the situation and cooperating with the police to investigate and deal with the situation according to law.

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  According to reports, according to netizens, the passenger stole Waterbonds during the descent phase of the plane, but the netizens did not provide a specific seat number. Several days later, the investigation was still in progress. According to regulations, in order to ensure the safety of the take-off and landing phase, flight attendants must sit in designated seats in the front and rear cabins and cannot provide cabin services. Therefore, passengers cannot be monitored for stealing water bongs, and passengers on the same flight did not inform the crew on the spot.

  He said: "In fact, water pipes for smoking are strictly prohibited on planes and there are clear and strict regulations. The notice of the Public Security Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on maintaining civil aviation order and ensuring air transport safety clearly stipulates that "water pipes for smoking (including water bongs)" is one of the prohibited acts on the plane. In 2006, the civil aviation authority issued a special advisory notice prohibiting the use of "smoke" aerosolized water bongs on aircraft. The safety records of some airlines also clearly show that waterbonds cannot be used in passenger space.

  In the interview, the reporter of the Eastern Network found that some passengers thought that water pipes for smoking was a small matter. In this regard, industry experts clearly pointed out that water bongs are also cigarettes. although there is no need to ignite with fire, they also produce smoke, pollute the cabin environment and affect the health of passengers. Water pipes for smoking is easier to trigger the smoke detector alarm in the bathroom, which directly interferes with the normal operation of the flight. "Passengers who go to the bathroom water pipes for smoking often feel lucky and will not be found simply because they feel addicted. It is this fluke that has led to a great disregard for risks and will eventually lead to legal sanctions. " .

  At the same time, experts also called on passengers to stop the dangerous behavior of water pipes for smoking in the cabin or inform the crew when shooting the exposure video.

  Shanghai Airlines once again reminded passengers that water pipes for smoking (including water bongs) are strictly prohibited on the whole plane. If similar situations are found, passengers can inform the crew and the aviation insurance team in the first place to jointly maintain a safe, healthy and orderly flight environment.