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530 suspected pulmonary diseases caused by glassbone waterpipes! Many countries have new measures t

  1. more than 500 cases of lung diseases caused by glass bone water pipes in the united states.

  Nowadays, the incidence of lung diseases caused by glassbone water pipes among teenagers in the United States is of concern.

  According to U.S. health officials, confirmed and suspected cases of lung disease caused by glass bong water pipes nationwide rose to 530 on the 19th from 380 a week ago.

  In these cases, 3/4 are male and 2/3 are 18 to 34 years old.

  In addition to the united states, canada has the first case related to glass bone water pipes. On the 18th, a middle school student in Ontario, Canada was found to have serious respiratory diseases. Previously, the student had no health problems but smoked glassbone water pipes every day. Doctors said the student's illness was related to glass bone water pipes.

  2. US Wal-Mart Announces Suspension of Sales of Electronic Cigarettes. Members of parliament proposed to raise taxes.

  With more and more confirmed cases related to glass bong water pipes, the centers for disease control and prevention have warned the American people that glass bong water pipes are harmful, and the U.S. government and some companies have also launched a joint strike against glass bong water pipes. The ripples caused by this series of actions are also gradually spreading.

  On September 20, local time, US supermarket chain Wal-Mart announced a moratorium on the sale of electronic cigarettes. This rule applies to all Wal-Mart stores in the United States. Wal-mart said the decision to suspend sales of glass bong water pipes stems from the recent ban on glass bong water pipes by federal governments at all levels.

	glass bong water pipes

  Wal-Mart's suspension of Glass bone Water Pipes comes a day after lawmakers from the US Democratic and Republican parties jointly announced a new bipartisan initiative to crack down on Glass bone Water Pipes by raising the federal tobacco tax.

  U.S. Congressman Tom Sochi: We want to raise the federal tobacco tax not only from $1 to $3, but also to $3 for glass bong water pipes.

  According to Forbes, in the United States, mainstream media have also begun to terminate their cooperation with glassbone water pipes manufacturers. According to Forbes, CBS and cnn both decided to stop the spread of Glass bone Water Pipes. Warner Media and Viacom Group also issued a statement saying that their other media networks immediately stopped broadcasting advertisements related to Glass bone Water Pipes.

  On the 18th, after the first glass bong water pipes case occurred in Canada, the Canadian government promised to track the impact of glass bong water pipes on health. Canada's Ontario Health Secretary Elia has issued an order requiring all public hospitals in Ontario to provide statistical data on lung diseases related to Glass bone Water Pipes.

  In Europe, facing the threat of Glass bone Water Pipes to people's health, European regulators said they were closely monitoring the developments. The European Commission promised to complete the scientific review of Glass bone Water Pipes by 2021 to provide a new basis for updating the existing measures.