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New Zealand's vice minister of health proposed banning glassbonds China, such as fruit flavors!

  According to the "VapingPost" report, New Zealand's Deputy Health Minister Janissa recently said: "The bill I am about to submit to Parliament prohibits most of the flavors of glass bongs china. I suggest that three flavors be allowed to be sold on the market, namely tobacco, menthol and menthol.

  jenysalesa said the measure will become part of Glassbonds China legislation and will be submitted to parliament soon.

  However, contrary to the opinion of public health experts, Ben pryor, owner of the glass bongs china brand AltNewNewandvapo, said: "Limiting the taste of glass bongs china will only make it more difficult for those who want to quit smoking, with fatal consequences." This will be a very bad "welfare" result for this government.

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  Pryor added that the move appeared to be affected by the latest lung disease in the United States.

  Banning the taste of most steam glass bong water pipesis like banning the taste of low-calorie beverages and foods. It is meaningless and does not help anyone. According to our Deputy Health Minister, glass bongs china may have only three flavors, which is a subconscious reaction to media reports that have nothing to do with the United States. Most of these cases are related to illegal and inferior smoking, but poor smokers in New Zealand who want to quit may be hit, "he said.

  Smoking ban may reverse the downward trend of smoking rate.

  He also said he was worried that New Zealand's record low smoking rate would begin to reverse if the spice glass bongs china was banned.

  An important reason for the decline in our smoking rate is that tens of thousands of New Zealanders are now smoking fewer and fewer traditional cigarettes and are therefore healthier.

  An important reason for the decline in smoking rate in New Zealand is that the current glass bongs china is a very effective tool. "removing most tastes only means that more people smoke traditional cigarettes, ultimately affecting the lives and health of more people," he added.