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Yoel Plans to Reorganize Staff: Cut New Employees and Layoffs


  According to glass bongs china the "los Angeles times" report, on September 25, according to a source familiar with the matter, JuulLbusInc planned to reorganize its staff, cut new employees and lay off staff.

  According to reports, the glass bong king manufacturer is under increasing scrutiny from state and federal officials due to a recent outbreak of mysterious lung diseases related to glass bong king fog in the United States. This month, trump's government banned the addition of spices to glass bong king.

  As part of its global expansion plan, the San Francisco-based start-up quickly added thousands of employees. At present, the company has about 3900 employees, more than twice as many as last December.

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  The Wall Street Journal "reported earlier on the reorganization of Youer's staff.

  In order to avoid layoffs, Yoel instructed managers of some departments to identify key roles and transfer employees to new or existing vacant positions. Last week, the company implemented a two-week recruitment freeze.

  Investors, including Marlboro cigarette maker Altria, valued Yule at $38 billion, and the company invested $12.8 billion and acquired 35% of the shares in December last year. As part of the deal, of the 1,500 employees at that time, employees received a bonus of $2 billion.