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People still doubt whether the glassbone waterpipes standard will be launched as planned.

  At present, the domestic glass bone water pipes market is in a "three empty" state: there is no clear supervision department, no special laws and regulations, no quality standards and entry barriers. For many years, experts in tobacco control, trade associations and other fields have called for the formulation of relevant laws and regulations. We welcome the introduction of the national glass bong water pipes standard. the new national standard will give industry participants a "bottom line" that they must adhere to, promote the gradual standardization of glass bong water pipes industry, and at the same time protect the rights and interests of consumers. "RELX Yuechi, a leading domestic glass bong water pipes company, said to the" classic blue whale production economy, "we welcome the introduction of the national glass bong water pipes standard. .

  Is the glass bone waterpipes standard to be issued soon?

  On September 22, the "Blue Whale" product was seen on the national standards information public service platform. The standards related to glass bong water pipes are in the approval stage. The project will be released on October 11, 2017, with a project cycle of 24 months. On this basis, it is estimated that October 11, 2019 will be the date for the introduction of the Glass bone Water Pipes standard plan. Of course, it is not excluded that the implementation of relevant standards may be delayed. JustinLi, chief product officer of global glass bong water pipes giant xuejiaxue+,told "blue whale" that he did not know about the introduction of glass bong water pipes standard. RELXYuechi also said he did not know. Before the introduction of general industry standards, communication will be conducted with major enterprises in the industry. Therefore, it is still doubtful whether the Glass bone Water Pipes standard can be released as planned.

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  It is reported that TC 144 of the National Tobacco Standardization Technical Committee has reported and implemented the national standard plans of "Glass bone Water Pipes" and "Determination of Nicotine, Propylene Glycol and Glycerol in Glass bone Water Pipes Liquid". The competent department is the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. Among them, the main drafting units are Shanghai New Tobacco Research Institute, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of China National Tobacco Corporation, Yunnan Tobacco Research Institute and China Tobacco Standardization Research Center. The latter was mainly drafted by China tobacco company Zhengzhou tobacco research institute and Guangdong China tobacco industry co., ltd. limited company

  The dilemma of "three noes" still needs to be solved.

  With the rapid expansion of the glass bone water pipes market and the entry of a large number of manufacturers and distributors, problems such as mixed glass bone water pipes products, risks of harmful substances, lack of industry standards, unclear supervision and so on also arise.

  Recently, the governor of New York State announced that New York State would take economic and administrative measures to ban the sale of spices Glass bone Water Pipes throughout the state. The Michigan government announced in September. Local time, it will ban the sale of glass bong water pipes flavored cigarettes in the state. This may be due to some pulmonary disease cases reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter referred to as "CDC") in August. August 1 23. The Illinois Department of Public Health announced that the CDC is also involved in an investigation into a serious lung injury case after using Glass bone Water Pipes.

  Similarly, in China, glass bong water pipes is in a "three empty" state: there is no clear regulatory body, no specific laws and regulations, no quality standards and no barriers to entry. Therefore, both upstream and downstream of the industry are calling for the rapid introduction of standards.

  The introduction of national standards will accelerate industrial restructuring and benefit industrial giants.

  The "three noes" chaos in the glass bone water pipes industry has also led to a deformed industry model, i.e., "5 million entry". Platinum glass bong water pipes chief marketing official Hui disclosed to the "blue whale production economy" that since the demand for glass bong water pipes soared in 2018, speculators who have the hope of making quick money have entered the glass bong water pipes industry and only need to invest 5 million yuan to establish a new glass bong water pipes brand, which has certain channel advantages. currently, there are not less than 1,000 such brands in the market.

  Platinum glass bone water pipes chief marketing official Hui said that the introduction of national standards will set a certain threshold for glass bone water pipes to enter. the history of "five million" is no longer a difficult stage, the industry is expected to speed up the reshuffle, and the leading advantages in brand, scale and research and development capability will become more and more obvious in the future.