Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Could a Sober Living Residence work for You?  

Transitioning from an inpatient addiction treatment center back into the routine of daily life is a difficult transition. Some people find that the transition from a highly-structured resident addiction program to daily life may offer too many temptations and lead them back down the path of substance abuse again.

Could a sober living residence help you?

A transitional residence might be the right answer for many people seeking sober livings in Delray Beach, FL. Many people find that gradually stepping back into a stress-filled world might present too many opportunities for failure in the early stages of their recovery.

What kind of facilities are available?

  1. World-class accommodations help new residents feel comfortable and safe. Prospective residents have a choice of five housing options – two for women and three for men. Every facility offers single-family homes in a residential setting with semi-private bedrooms, wi-fi, computer workstation, a fully equipped kitchen and washer and dryer.
  2. Each community provides 24-hour on-site supervision and security. Our completely-furnished residences offer a calm and emotionally-settling environment to help promote sobriety.
  3. Residents have full access to medical care and a licensed therapist. A full-time nutritionist helps residents adopt healthy eating habits. Residents also learn new money management skills.
  4. Housing guidelines prepare residents toward responsible and independent living afterward. Residents relearn the discipline necessary to successfully live alone or rejoin their family. Residents have a curfew and daily chores – they learn to live sensibly and how to get along with others as a team.

What are the differences between a sober living residence and a half-way house?

Sober living residences offer more individualized care, emphasizing the need for a 12-Step sponsor plus attending a meeting a day at an AA, NA or CA fellowship.

Sober living residents pay their own expenses rather than halfway houses that are dependent on government funding and may be subject to budget cuts. Half-way houses might be crowded and may utilize a dormitory-like housing arrangement. Sober living residents live in a residential environment that provides privacy and a more comfortable setting.

Sober living residences allow residents to have a job. They must pay their expenses weekly, perform daily household chores and attend house meetings.

There is no time limit to the length of time you may stay in a sober living residence. Each person’s needs are different. Sober living residences allow their residents the choice of how long they remain.

Call today.

Peer support provides non-judgmental reinforcement as you transition from a life of addiction to a new life free of dependency. Sober livings in Delray Beach, FL is a phone call away. Transition from a treatment center to a substance-free life through a sober living residency program.