Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Challenges to expect when starting your alcohol rehabilitation journey  

If you have decided to embark on an alcohol rehabilitation journey in an attempt to turn around your life, seeking out professional services from a reputable alcohol treatment center will massively help you. You need to be in the hands of experts who have handled cases similar to yours so that you can get the right medication, advice, and support to pull through this ‘sometimes-very-tough’ journey.

When starting your rehabilitation, however, expect to face the following challenges but always remember that with dedication it’s possible to achieve it all. Others before you have done it and so will you!

  1. Expect to find it hard to fit in

In the first few days in an alcohol treatment center, it can be tough to accept that your alcohol addiction has led you into seeking addiction treatment. You may find it hard to mingle with other recovering addicts at first, but the discomfort is a typical part of the journey to recovery.

  1. Expect to find yourself trying to justify your case

As you start attending group meetings with other recovering addicts and get to hear their stories, you may start thinking that your situation isn’t as bad compared to theirs. You may even start thinking that perhaps you overstepped by trying to seek professional help. Just know that you can’t compare your case to that of another person because each of your lives is affected differently.

  1. Expect to feel ashamed or embarrassed about your situation

These emotions are hard not to come around. You may feel dejected about what you did during your days of alcohol abuse, or you may feel ashamed that you have disappointed a loved one or your family. Try and suppress these emotions by taking pride in the fact that you have embarked on a journey to beat the vice.

  1. Expected to be called out on your shortcomings

Part of alcohol rehabilitation is getting to the root cause of your reasons for alcohol abuse. The counselors, as well as your fellow recovering addicts, will help you discover this and you may not be prepared to come to terms with the real problems in your life. However, take this positively and be open to working on them. Recovery is a wholesome process that covers more than just stopping excess alcohol intake.

  1. Expect to feel like giving up

This is the most challenging thing to all recovering addicts. There are times when you will feel like throwing your hands up and quitting the treatment. Stay strong during these trying times and seek all the help you can get to stay on track. One day when you are sober, you will really appreciate going through those tough times.

Most of these challenges are easy to overcome with strong personal focus and help from a reliable alcohol treatment center where you can meet incredible counselors, obtain peer support, and enjoy treatment that is suited to your specific case.