Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

5 Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Your Water Dispenser

Installing water purifiers at homes and offices is the best way to keep waterborne diseases away. Whether it is just a water cooler or a water cooler with purifier, it is certain that you will face dispenser-related problems more often. There can be various reasons for the problems caused by your water dispensers.

Calling servicing agents for each and every minor issue is not an ideal option. Moreover, it is time-consuming. You can seek a technician’s assistance only in case the problem too technical for you to handle. If you are facing a minor water dispenser problem, you can fix it on your own. Here are a few handy tips to troubleshoot your water dispenser:

  1. Cooling Problem – Reset the Water Dispenser

If your water dispenser is not cooling the water, the first thing you should do is check the power socket and the switch. If the connection is proper, try resetting the water dispenser. To reset the dispenser, take out water from the machine completely and unplug the power supply wire. Leave the dispenser idle for a day and check again. This method should work if the internal components are not damaged.

  1. Water Dispensing Problems – Unplug and Clean the Pipes

If your water cooler with purifier is not dispensing the water, the dispensing pipe is likely to be blocked. All you need to do to solve this problem is to unplug the dispenser pipe and clean it using fresh water. If the pipe is completely blocked, you will have to use water at high-pressure to get rid of the clogged dirt.

  1. Water Leakage Problem –Tighten the Faucets of the Tap

This problem will occur after a few years of usage of the machine. This could be because of the loosened faucets of the tap. Tightening the faucets of the tap should work. If the problem is not with the loosened faucets, it could be with some part of the tap. For finding out this and fixing it, you could need the help of a technician.

  1. Weird-Tasting Water – Flush Away Some Water

The dispensed water may taste a little weird if the storage tank of the water cooler has been recently sanitized or cleaned. This could cause a change in the water taste. Though this is not harmful, you can flush away some water or open the tap of the dispenser for some time.

  1. Weak Water Flow – Force Water Inside with Slightly Higher Pressure

This problem arises because of the tight air bubbles settled at the nozzle’s entrance. Check the air filter. If it is blocked, clean it thoroughly and place it back. This method should work. Another method to solve this problem is by forcing the water through the machine.

Hope the above troubleshooting tips help you solve the minor water dispenser problems without the need to call in a servicing agent. At the same time, make sure that you get the water dispenser serviced regularly as per the manufacturer’s guidelines so that you don’t face problems often.